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Why Green Edge Solar?

At Green Edge Solar, we pride ourselves on both the quality of our products and the workmanship of our installers, and offer reliable, independent advice on all questions relating to solar products and installation.

Our solar panels and inverters are IEC certified and Clean Energy Council approved. We buy in bulk from local suppliers allowing us to pass on significant savings to you. You deal directly with us. We do not have expensive shop fronts and overheads that are passed onto our customers.

Our DC-AC isolators, 4mm cables (instead of the standard 2.5mm) and all components used are of the best quality on the market. This ensures your system will be running at optimal performance for the maximum amount of time.

Green Edge Solar will not just install and leave you confused on what to do next. We also submit all the confusing paperwork and forward these to your electricity supplier.
Our goal is to provide flexible, affordable solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each of our customers. At Green Edge Solar, we are passionate about solar energy and providing the best quality products and services to our customers.

We look forward to helping you make the switch.

Benefits of Solar
There are many benefits of solar electricity for home owners. These are:
• Clean, free power from the sun
• Renewable energy with no greenhouse gas emissions
• Reduced or eliminated electricity bills
• Protection against rising electricity costs
• Increased value of your home or business
• Solar panels are extremely reliable as there are no moving parts
• Additional solar panels can be added later
• Long warranties, long life
• Government incentives and rebates
Solar Power in Australia

Electricity prices across Australia are increasing sharply as power companies struggle to maintain ageing infrastructure and boost shareholder returns. Also, our reliance on coal burning to produce enough electricity means we face ongoing criticism over the impact that coal mining and pollution from power stations is making on our environment.

Australia has become the worst greenhouse gas polluter per capita of any country in the world.
With climate crisis looming as the most critical challenge of our time, renewable energy is our chance to be part of the solution.

More and more Australian households are taking advantage of government incentives to make the switch to solar power as their main source of electricity. In doing so, they realise more than just the sensible economic, environmental and practical benefits of powering their homes with free energy from the sun.

Solar energy is the cleanest, greenest and most viable form of renewable energy available to help run your home or business.

Powering a house or business on solar energy is much easier and cheaper than you might think. Our team of accredited technicians have successfully installed thousands of solar power systems across Australia.

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