How much roof space do I need?
The amount of roof space required depends on the size of the system that you are having installed. For example, a 1.5kW system requires about 11m2 of roof space to be mounted. This should be on an unshaded part of the house on preferably a north facing roof. The system is modular and can be arranged in a way that best suits the roof
Why choose Solar Power?
As electricity prices are rising, solar power is the most economic way to reduce your electricity bills. With government rebates reducing every year, now is the time to add solar to your home or business as this will cut your electricity bills forever. Also, solar units can cut your electricity bill in two distinct ways. • Firstly, by generating your own electricity from the solar panels you will reduce the amount of electricity that you buy from your power provider. • Secondly, any excess electricity that your system produces is sold back to the power provider for a higher rate then what you pay for your standard electricity. By combining these two benefits, many households will be able to reduce their electricity bill by up to 100%. Another benefit that is often overlooked is that the solar unit is integrated into the household and increases the value and energy rating of your house.
Are there any benefits for having solar panels
Grid connected solar panel systems are connected to the electricity supply grid. The inverter converts DC low voltage power generated by the solar panels to 240V AC household supply. A smart meter analyses and controls how much electricity is drawn from, or fed back into, the grid. When excess electricity is fed into the grid, your electricity provider 'buys' that electricity in the form of a credit. If your credits are greater than your bill then your electricity provider may even pay you


I was absolutely flabbergasted at the price difference at Green Edge Solar. I saved over $6,500 on my 5kW system and my bills have gone from $1,000 to a $425 Credit
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My bills were coming in at $750 plus before installing a solar system with Green Edge Solar now I am regularly in credit about $450!
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I was impressed with their professionalism. They did everything including submitting all the paperwork for me. They just made it so easy and I couldn't recommend them enough. Thanks guys
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