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Growatt New Energy Technology Co., Ltd was established on May 2010, a professional and vigorous new energy company focusing on photovoltaic inverters. Until now, Growatt has reached nearly 600MW installation worldwide, famous as a world leading manufacturer of cost-effective photovoltaic inverters with high efficiency.

Growatt offers a full line of PV inverters from 1kW to 1MW, together with our smart monitoring systems, whichare completely applicable for residential & commercial roof and ground plants.Growatt 5000TL is honored to be the first Asian PV inverter with A+ from Photon Lab; Growatt5000MTL has also perfectly achieved A & A in Photon Lab in Dec. 2012.

Growatt inverters, as the representative of high efficiency, conform to the safety, power level, and grid standards ofnearly 20 countries in Europe, Americas, Australia, and Asian. With the sales of RMB 300 million in 2012,Growatt is the top Chinese inverter manufacturer, being the largest exporter in China for 2 years.