Hareon Solar

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Hareon Solar advocates and commits itself to development of renewable clean energy. As one of the largest silicon cell producers in China, Hareon has been providing vertically integrated production and services for the solar photovoltaic industry worldwide. It’s specialized in high-end R&D, production and distribution of silicon sticks, wafers, cells and modules, as well as in investment and operation of solar plants.

Hareon Solar Technology Co., Ltd (Stock code at Shanghai Stock Exchange: 600401) has several holding/ wholly funded subsidiaries; It has five manufacture facilities in both Jiangsu and Anhui province, including Jiangyin Hareon Power Co., Ltd., Altusvia Energy (Taicang) Co., Ltd., Hefei Hareon Solar Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangyin Xinhui Solar Energy Co., Ltd ., and Schott Solar Hareon Co., Ltd. Meanwhile, oversea branches are set up in the United States, Germany, Swiss, Italy, Korea and Japan. Also, Hareon Solar has 12 holding/wholly funded project companies in nationwide or overseas. Global sales network are being established by the company.