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Solar modules by Q.CELLS are the first to pass Category D cyclone pressure tests, proving that they can with stand the harshest of Australian environments, including cyclones of such intensity as Cyclone Yasi and Cyclone Larry. The German-engineered Q.CELLS solar modules are the first to pass stringent wind load pressure testing that demonstrates their suitability for all Australian wind regions.

Third party testing undertaken at the Cyclone Testing Station at James Cook University in Townsville shows that a Q.CELLS system would have survived destructive Cyclone Yasi and Cyclone Larry. Renowned in Australian history, Cyclone Larry was one of the most devastating cyclones to ever hit Queensland, and had wind speeds of 240 km/h and wind gusts measured at 294 km/h. Later, in 2011, Cyclone Yasi hit land at Mission Beach with a speed of 290 km/h, a Category C cyclone region.